Farrier Services

The family has been providing therapeutic, corrective and performance shoeing and hoof care for all breeds and disciplines for over 36 years.


Colin’s vast experience treating navicular and laminitic problems, utilises proven methods and techniques, combining routine corrective trimming with veterinary care and environmental stimulation.


If you are looking for farrier services in the Yorkshire area then please give us a ring. With a combined 46 years of shoeing knowledge between us all we have the skills and experience.


We provide a mobile horse shoeing service with hand-crafted horse shoes made in our forge in Otley which are then hot-fitted at your yard.


We provide farrier services for:


- Shire horses

- Driving horses

- Event horses

- Race horses

- International show jumpers

- Hunters

- Dressage horses

- Riding school horses

- Ponies

...and even donkeys!


Call us for a chat about our farrier services today on 07831 442789


About Us


Colin has been shoeing horses in and around Otley for the past 36 years. He started his apprenticeship in August 1974 in Accrington, Lancashire and attended Hereford Technical College to study the anatomy of the horse as well as to perfect the art of making hand made horse shoes. Colin passed his RSS exam with honours in April '78 (the first apprentice in 5 years to achieve this!).


Wanting to further his education, Colin went back to college in 1986 to study for ther AWCF exam, which involves corrective shoeing and the making of surgical shoes as well as a more in-depth study of the anatomy of a horse.


Colin now has the following qualifications to go with his 36 years of experience:


- RSS (Registered Shoeing Smith) - now known as Dip WCF or Diploma of the Worshipful Company of Farriers

- AWCF - Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers


Colin has, over the years, shod all types of horses - from Shetland ponies to shires ...and even donkeys. He has shod many competition horses, including show jumpers and event horses and has won "Best Shod Horse" on a number of occasions at the Burlghey Horse Trials and other county shows.


Colin has trained five apprentices - the first one back in 1982 - and the latest one Declan Pack (his son) in 2008, who qualified in 2012 and is now part of the family business. Declan has a diploma (Dip WCF) and is aiming to sit further exams in the future.


Call us for a chat about our farrier services today on 07831 442789

Customer Testimonials


" Colin has been shoeing my horses for more years then we probably both care to remember. He started shoeing Misty when she was four years old and continues to this day at the grand old age of 29 together with her daughter Breeze, now 17. In all those years, Colin has NEVER let me down and always arrives on time. There have been many occasions when I have called on Colin to assist when either horse has had infections in the foot, he always manages to locate the source and it is only a matter of a few days before the horses are back in work. I cannot recommend Colin and his son Declan highly enough as Master Farriers."

- Jane Horton


" Everyone at Throstle Nest Riding School agrees that Colin and Declan Pack are the best farriers a yard could wish for. They turn up when they say they will, they do a great job so the condition of the horses' feet improve, the shoes stay on really well (too well Colin might say!). They might not be the cheapest for a set of shoes, but because they last so well, they are the best value for money. All they need is somewhere dry and a cup of tea now and again!"

- Jeannette Wheeler


" Colin has been shoeing my horses for going on 25 years - NEVER a problem. I used to say to Colin "who will  Is get to shoe my horses when you retire?" It used to worry me but now we have Declan! If you're looking for someone to bang a set on in 40 minutes - don't ring Colin. He is punctual, methodical and precise. I'm proud that my horse wears traditional handmade shoes too, an old fashioned skill which Colin and Declan still continue. So my garden gates are made by Joseph, my horses shoes are made by Declan and Colin keeps my horse sound. "

- Sarah Drake


" Colin Pack has been shoeing my horses for many years and his methods of shoeing have been so good that my horses have never suffered from any foot problems. Any horses that have arrived with problems, be they conformation or injury, have been quickly and successfully rectified by Colin. He provides a professional, reliable service and is able to offer help and guidance on hoof health etc. I would not hesitate in recommending Colin to anyone, be they a leisure rider or a professional competitor.

- Sheila Miller

Metalwork Services


Valley View Forge also provide creative, hand forged and fabricated ironwork including gates, railings, handrails, balustrades, balconies, tables, chairs, lamps, fireplace furniture, curtain-poles ...and more.


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