Gate Automation

Why not consider having one of our hand crafted gates automated to open and close at your command.


Valley View Forge supply automated gate systems manufactured by one of the longest established and leading companies in the North of England.


We have a wealth of experience to help create a security gate installation to suit your property and your own personal requirements. We will carry out a survey and recommend the best automation solution for you, we will then work with you on a Gate design to suit your requirements and if needed correct period for your property.


Swing Gates:

  • underground hydraulic systems
  • underground electro mechanical systems with obstacle detection
  • above ground hydraulic surface rams
  • above ground worm drive surface rams


Sliding Gates:

  • tracked sliding gate
  • cantilever sliding gate



  • safety electronic photocells
  • induction safety loops
  • resistive rubber profile safety edges to comply to BS EN 12453



  • hardwired intercom
  • wireless intercoms 100M range
  • GSM intercoms using the mobile telephone network
  • induction free entry/ exit loops
  • keypad access controls
  • swipe reader access


Ped Gate:

  • gas piston closers to manual gate


For more information and further details on our Automated gate services, get in touch HERE.

Above are some examples of both gates we have automated and styles of gates that can be automated.


All gates can be locked with either magnetic locks or electro locks using 12-24v AC/DC supplys. For more information or if you have any questions about our automatic gates, get in touch HERE.

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